Our alumni represent a broad and diverse group of powerful people that is reflective of a history spanning from 1932 to the present, in which the school experienced several iterative transitions from an all girl school, to a co-ed junior high in 1952 until 1974-75 when a “magnet” senior high was added to provide a college preparatory curriculum for a biracial enrollment. The school was established by the Orleans Parish School Board with a special dual mission: (1) to demonstrate that quality, public, integrated education is possible in our city; and, 2) to attract into public schools many families who had left the public schools or had never taken advantage of our public school system.  Our alumni base reflects the rich experimental history of the school.   As a result, our alumni are an eclectic gumbo of largely gainfully employed individuals of great community influence who hold high ranking positions in their respective professions.  Alumni past and present yearn to be engaged in ways that will contribute to the school’s lasting vitality.  Overall, our alumni have a deep sense of altruistic gratitude and indebtedness to the institution for what it contributed to our ultimate success in life and professionally. Therefore, the Association is organized for the charitable purposes set forth in its Articles of Incorporation which are filed with the State of Louisiana and for the specific charitable purposes outlined below:

To serve and promote the educational and cultural interests of McMain in the City of New Orleans, Louisiana.

To serve as a forum for alumni and former students to maintain contact with the school and one another.

To support periodic reunions and other events for alumni and students.

To carry out fund raising and other charitable activities for the benefit of the school, its current students and alumni.

To function as the alumni’s official voice in communicating with the school and the appropriate governing body.

To preserve and accentuate the tradition and identity of McMain as an institution that values diversity, student autonomy, academic vigor and academic excellence.